Formed in 2019 with 6 members of different ages, careers, and backbones, led by Sosuke Oikawa, formerly of CICADA. The group aims to create the best pop music in simplicity, valuing soul music-like songs from the 60’s and 70’s, with Kevin (Vocal) fully demonstrating his outstanding expressive ability.
Based in a house in Tokyo called “Roomies House,” the members and their musical friends gather for jam sessions and recordings. December 17, 2021 1st Album “The Roomies” was released on digital platforms. In 2022, the digital singles “Snow”, “Not Your Man” and “Higher”, in 2023, “Amai Yume Sweet Dreams” and “Kitto Ai Must be Love” were released. The songs were included in many official playlists and attracted the attention of both domestic and international listeners.


Vocals: Kevin (Front/Right)
Influenced by his mother, a Filipino singer, he grew up listening to Stevie Wonder
and Carol King. Began singing at the age of 10 under the influence of Michael Jackson. Co-wrote “Stay” (featuring ACO) on Seiho’s album, “CAMP”.


Guitar: Yuichiro Takahashi (Front/Left)
At the age of 18, moved to Ireland where he spent his days playing in bars and performing at Sofar Sounds in Cork. He is sponsored by GOODNESS GUITARS, and has been performing as a live support member for Lefty Hand Cream, makakushe and others.


Drums: Nagisa Ono(Back/Right)
She has performed as a snare solo player and MPC player since she was a high school student. Supported Zettakun's live performances as a MPC player. She also writes lyrics and composes for plumrum, a band in which she participates as a guitarist and vocalist.



Piano: Wataru Saito (Back/Left)
He has performed as a live support member and recording for Yuusuke, Yogee New Waves, Yoshimi Iwasaki amongst others. His music career began as a keyboardist for Tokyo Disney Sea’s Atmosphere Show.


Synthesizer: Sosuke Oikawa (Center)
Formerly keyboardist for CICADA. Composer and live support member of claquepot and SHE IS SUMMER.He has worked in a wide range of fields including arrangements for KAF and Taiyo Matsuo as well as the sound design for BALMUDA products.